Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sample Essays - Veteran's Day

First Place Student Essay Contest

Why Should We Honor Veterans?

“Nooo!” “Bam!” “Boom!” The moans of the dying and shrieks of snipers pollutes the air. Thousands, nay, millions have given up their lives, or perhaps their families, houses, and sometimes their sanity. We, as a country, have those men & women to thank for the free country we live in today.

So very many people have given up everything. They don’t have their comfy, soft beds from Sleepy’s® the privilege of being able to get up in the night to check on their sleeping newborn, or go & stop at McDonalds on the way home from work. These people are so selfless that they would willingly give up their lives in order for the rest of the USA to live our lives.

Vietnam, WW II, the Civil War, etc. If we didn’t have men & women willing to sacrifice their lives for us, where would our country, maybe even the rest of the world, be today? WW I, the Revolutionary War, Iraq. All of these have been terrible, bloody & devastating. All the people who have died in these deserve to be mentioned. Their lives, family, sanity. Shouldn’t we give one day, ONE day out of 365 to them? A day honoring them isn’t much compared to the crippling pain – physical, mental, or both – that all these millions of men & women went through?

Why should we honor veterans on Veterans’ Day? Perhaps the fact that we owe our lives to them will convince you.

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Veterans Essay

When asked, “Should we honor veterans?” the only answer that comes to mind is, YES. When asked, “Why should we honor them?” the answer is because these men and women risked and still are risking their lives for their country and its people. We should honor them because of their bravery, their self-sacrifice, and for protecting us. They fight in wars, help after disasters, and do so much for their country; we cannot just let that slide. We should thank them. Thank them for all they have done, to help better our lives, to preserve our freedoms, and keep our homes safe. Veterans are heroes, and they should be treated as such. I remember a saying, “treat others how you wish to be treated” and I think we should treat the veterans how we would want to be treated if we were them. So, that is why, to me, respecting and honoring them is the right thing to do. Over this past summer, my family and I went to Washington D.C. and we saw all the different memorials. All the statues, carvings in marble, fountains, and people there, reading the names, looking for the names of loved ones. It was nice to see what had been done in memory of the wars and the people who had fought and died in them. It was also sad that so many people had died. Millions of people had risked and gave their lives fighting for their country, and millions still do. All these millions of people, veterans, are honored as heroes of the past who helped make and keep safe where we are today. I’m truly grateful for all the past and present, and even future veterans for what they’ve done, what they do, and what they will do; to be called veterans is a tribute to what deeds they did in the name of their country, to save and protect it. Veterans are really heroes, and November 11th is a well-deserved holiday, let’s all celebrate and remember all veterans. They should always be honored and remembered.

Runner Up Student Essay Contest

“Why Should We Honor Veterans?”

“Extra, extra! Read all about it! Seventeen killed and fifteen wounded in a street bombing!” Everyday we hear stories similar to this on the news. Who are these people? They are veterans of war.

Every day as Americans, we take for granted rights that were given to us; rights that veterans have fought for. How brave and unselfish are those who risk their lives to keep millions of others free? I know I would not be able to commit to such an honorable act. These veterans lose their lives for me, for you, and for everyone in this room. On top of all that, they do it willingly.

Many veterans left the country for months or years at a time to fight. Most were only able to communicate to family members through letters. Some veterans couldn’t even tell their families where they were stationed. Can you imagine that? What if you couldn’t see your mom, dad, son or daughter and not know if they were ok?

Veterans of war often have a price to pay. Whether it be a scar or a lost arm, it is something they have to live with for the rest of their lives. However, they are the ones who brought honor and peace to this country.

America has a lot to be thankful for. These veterans have fought tirelessly to ‘let freedom ring.’ They have risked their lives for you and for me which is more than I’ll ever be able to do. They left their homes; their families to go abroad and fight. These veterans have risked so much for our country. The absolute least we could do is give them the honor and gratification they deserve. For these reasons and many more, our veterans should forever be honored.